Bitrise Tools

List of Open Source tools maintained by the Bitrise team.

Where can I find the repositories?

For historical reasons the core Bitrise CLI tools live in github.com/bitrise-io, but most of our tools, and every new tool we create lives in the github.com/bitrise-tools, and the CLI core components (plugins, etc.) in the github.com/bitrise-core GitHub organization.

Core, Bitrise CLI tools

  • bitrise - the Bitrise CLI, which is used on bitrise.io to run the builds, as well as you can install it on your own Mac/Linux and run your the build locally!
  • stepman - used for managing the Step Library, including downloading and sharing steps.
  • envman - environment variable manager, can be used independently and Bitrise CLI uses it to isolate and manage environment variables during the build.

Bitrise CLI plugins


  • bitrise-machine - Manage bitrise CLI runner hosts (virtual machines). Create, destroy, cleanup based on configuration.
  • bitrise-bridge - Responsible for "bridging" a Bitrise CLI command from a remote host to the local Bitrise CLI; either directly or by creating a Docker container and running the Bitrise CLI command in it.
  • cmd-bridge - Helps bridging an outside (generic) command (e.g. any command, through SSH) into a host. Useful in cases where the command have to be performed in a specific environment, e.g. the iOS Simulator can't be started from an SSH session, it have to be started from a logged in "GUI" user. In this case you start cmd-bridge's server in the environment, and then you can use cmd-bridge through SSH or another way to send commands to the running cmd-bridge server, which will perform the commands in its context / the environment it is running in.
  • garden - A tool to manage your template (plan) based directories. You can perform a setup (plant) by running garden grow, which'll create your garden (directories) based on your plans (temlates).



  • depman - Super Simple Dependency Manager
  • releaseman - Your friendly Release Manager


Go / golang related tools.

  • gows - Go Workspace / Environment Manager, to easily manage the Go Workspace during development.
  • goinst - Go Install command line tools in an isolated environment.

Server / service

  • bitrise webhooks - Bitrise Webhooks processor. Transforms various incoming webhooks (GitHub, Bitbucket, Slack, ...) to bitrise.io's Build Trigger API format, and calls it to start a build.
  • DATapi - A very simple data series storage service. Store and retrieve data series in a quick and simple way, based on timestamp and category of the data.