Workflow Editor doesn't load

If Workflow Editor doesn’t load for you, chances are your bitrise.yml or a workflow which you have configured crashes the Workflow Editor’s UI.

If you face the above issue please first:

  1. contact us so we can fix the issue in the UI code
  2. then you can fix the bitrise.yml through our API

Managing bitrise.yml with the API

Use a simple curl call to download and to upload an app’s configuration or bitrise.yml to You can find an example of how the API works on GitHub.

Before you start:

  1. Download the bitrise.yml with an API call. You will get a response in YML format.
  2. Save the bitrise.yml into a file and modify it locally.
  3. Upload the bitrise.yml with another API call to Make sure the path to your fixed or modified bitrise.yml is correctly set! You will get a response in JSON format.