How to configure fastlane match for Bitrise

If you want to use fastlane match in your build you only have to do three things:

  1. Make sure that a single SSH key can be used to git clone both your main repository (the one you register on and the match repository. You can find more info in this guide.
  2. Add an environment variable MATCH_PASSWORD, as described in match’s docs, to specify the passphrase you used for match. On you should add this as a Secret Environment Variable, in the Workflow Editor. Make sure to disable the Replace variables in input? option of the environment variable, to not to cause issues when the value includes the $ (dollar) sign, which is used for environment variable expansion.

  3. Make sure to use match’s readonly mode, or else match will try to connect to the Apple Developer Portal, which requires further authorization (providing additional username and password for Apple Dev Portal login)!
    • If you use match in your Fastfile or fastlane config: match(app_identifier: "my.domain", type: "appstore", readonly: true)
    • If you use it as a command line tool: match development --readonly
    • More info in match’s official readme / docs

That’s all, you can now enjoy the utility of match, automated with 🚀