Deploy your Xamarin app

After successfully adding your Xamarin application to Bitrise, we will create a default workflow (build configuration) for you. This workflow includes a Deploy to Step by default.

Building the default workflow will checkout your git repository, archive your application and move all the generated applications ( ipa / apk ) to the deployment folder. After the archive, the Deploy to Step will upload these files to Bitrise.

We will not just upload your application, but send out an email to your team as well. They can simply open the email from their mobile device and install the application from there. Also you can send out the build to any tester by providing their email address.

What if you are already using or want to use another deployment service?

Besides the default Bitrise deployment we have dozens of other services integrated to Bitrise. You can simply modify your workflow and add the ones you would like to, such as HockeyApp, Appaloosa, TestFairy or DeployGate - just filter by the deploy tag in the list to see all the available deployment steps.

Simply add the integration Step you want to use instead of the Deploy to Step or after that (but in any case after the Xamarin Archive Step, as that’s the Step which generates the deployable artifact - .ipa, .apk, …), and fill out the parameters of the step.

For more information on code signing for Xamarin projects, see Xamarin Android code signing and Creating a signed .ipa for Xamarin projects.

The next time you start a build, your app will be deployed to the service of your choice!