Connect your Xamarin account to Bitrise

A connected Xamarin account is required if you use Xamarin Components for example, which requires Xamarin authentication.

To connect your Xamarin account to your Bitrise.io account, open your Account Settings page on bitrise.io, and click the toggle in the left sidebar where you see Xamarin.

Here you can type in your username and password. Please note that we won't store your username or password, we send an authentication request with these information to the Xamarin server and store only the returned authentication token.

If you'd want to remove the connection just turn off the toggle.

Activating the Xamarin connection for an App on Bitrise.io

To select/activate a Xamarin account connection for an App, go to the app's page on bitrise.io, select the Team tab, and set the bitrise.io user in the Service credential User section.