Basics of bitrise.yml

Last updated at 2020-11-26

bitrise.yml configuration

The configuration format of the Bitrise CLI is referred to as bitrise.yml. This is the expected file name the configuration should be saved with.

A bare minimal bitrise.yml is as simple as:

format_version: 5

The above configuration is valid but does not include anything to execute with run.

A minimal configuration which you can bitrise run:

format_version: 5

The above configuration can be executed with bitrise run test. The Bitrise CLI won’t give you any errors, but there’s still nothing declared to do.

Let’s continue with the example from our Steps in YAML guide, which executes a single Script Step when you run it with bitrise run test.

format_version: 5
project_type: android
  - MY_NAME: My Name
    - script@1.1.5:
        - content: echo "Hello ${MY_NAME}!"

A quick walk through of this sample configuration:

Find out more on how you can define multiple Steps and use multiple workflows. You’ll be able to define your perfect automation configuration in no time!

bitrise.yml size limitation

If you edit your Workflow on (either in the Workflow Editor or on the bitrise.yml tab) and your bitrise.yml exceeds its size limitation, the UI will display the following warning upon trying to save your changes:

Error saving! Error saving app config: Validation failed: App config validation 784: unexpected token at 'Argument list too long - bin/bitrise

Basics of bitrise.yml

.yml size limitations

Please note that the total, combined size of the bitrise.yml and the bitrise.secrets.yml file cannot exceed 200KB.

Here are a few workarounds to reduce a long bitrise.yml: