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Bitrise is a Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) Platform as a Service (PaaS) with a main focus on mobile app development (iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter, and so on). It is a collection of tools and services to help you with the development and automation of your software projects.

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Latest changes in the docs
2020-08-04: How to enable the Bitrise Support user

A video tutorial has been added to this doc on enabling the Bitrise Support user.

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2020-07-30: Exporting a universal APK from an AAB

You can test an Android app on a test device even if the generated artifact is an App Bundle (`.aab`) by exporting a universal APK from it.

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2020-07-16: Monitoring your deployed apps with Trace

Trace is a Bitrise add-on designed to monitor your applications from the perspective of its end users. It comes with out-of-the-box performance monitoring, giving you insight into how the app...

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2020-07-15: Verified Steps

Email address to our Partnership Management has been updated.

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2020-07-14: Deploying an iOS app to

Added clarification on how to access the toggle to enable the public install page.

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2020-07-03: Build logs

Added information on how to follow the build log live, as the build is running.

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2020-06-26: Installing and updating the Bitrise CLI

A tutorial video on installing and updating the Bitrise CLI locally was added to the article.

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2020-06-22: Basics of bitrise.yml

New tutorial video about configuring your builds using the bitrise.yml file.

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2020-06-16: Test Reports

The test results of the Flutter Test Step are now also exported by the Deploy to Step.

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2020-06-16: Getting started with Flutter apps

Added instructions on how to generate code coverage reports with the Flutter Test Step. In addition, Flutter Test now exports the results to the Test Reports add-on by default.

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2020-06-15: Have you exceeded the file count limit of the provisioning profiles?

The maximum number of provisioning profiles and .p12 certificates has been updated to 30.

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2020-06-15: Adding a new team member to an app

Clarified the process of adding a new team member to an app: you can no longer invite someone by username. You have to use email address.

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