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Bitrise DevCenter - What is Bitrise?

Bitrise is a Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) Platform as a Service (PaaS) with a main focus on mobile app development (iOS, Android, Xamarin, ...). It is a collection of tools and services to help you with the development and automation of your software projects

Automate the testing and deployment of your apps with just a few clicks.

Run your builds on

You can run a build of your app on Bitrise by defining a Workflow. A Workflow consists of one or more build Steps (open source git repositories which can be executed with the open source Bitrise CLI). You can create and share your own build Steps too. You are able to define more workflows for the very same app, and define triggers to specify which workflow should be selected for each trigger.

The steps can do anything that can be implemented by command line scripts / programs: send emails, text messages, pass values to each other, create Xcode archives, gather system information about the Virtual Machine running the build, notify other users (e.g. on Slack) or even publish to iTunes Connect, and many more. You can read more at Builds and Workflows.

When you trigger a build a Virtual Machine is assigned to host your build and your defined Workflow (series of build Steps) will be executed, step by step.

After a build is finished the Virtual Machine is destroyed and you can browse the logs of every step that ran during the workflow. You can read more at Code Security.

Bitrise CLI - the open source, offline, automation runner

To run a bitrise build on your machine, you can install our open source runner and use the bitrise command to execute your workflows locally. No account required to use the Bitrise CLI.

It's a great help when you're developing steps, debugging builds, or just want to use Bitrise for any kind of automation on your machine.

You can find more information about the offline runner in the Bitrise CLI and bitrise.yml section of the DevCenter.