Install the Bitrise CLI

Installing the Bitrise CLI is super simple.

The Bitrise CLI is distributed as a single binary, so you just have to download this binary file, make it executable, and run bitrise setup to download all the core plugins and tools required for running a build.

If you'd forget to run bitrise setup that's not an issue either, the first time you run bitrise run it will perform the setup if it was not performed for the current version of the CLI yet. bitrise setup can be called any time to validate the CLI installation.

Upgrading the CLI works exactly the same way: just download the new binary (overwrite the previous binary), make it executable and run bitrise setup (or the next bitrise run will run it automatically).

You can download the release binary on GitHub from the CLI's releases page. Every release includes copy paste ready curl commands to install the specific version.

The CLI is also available in brew on macOS, so it can be installed with

brew update && brew install bitrise

if you have Homebrew installed on your Mac.

You can find more information about the installation in the Install and Setup section of the CLI's README.