Installing and upgrading the offline Workflow Editor

Bitrise Workflow Editor is designed in such a way that you can run it offline on your Mac/PC without having to log into The Workflow Editor is open source, you can find its repository here. You can also join the join the discussion around Workflow Editor here.

Installing offline Workflow Editor to your Mac/PC

Before you start:

Make sure you perform the following steps to include Workflow Editor as one of the Bitrise CLI core plugins.

  1. Install the latest Bitrise CLI as discussed here.
  2. Run bitrise setup to install offline Workflow Editor as part of the Bitrise Plugins. Running bitrise setup also checks if Bitrise Core tools, OS X tools, Bitrise Plugins and Toolkits are installed on your local machine. If not, the command will automatically install them.

Starting offline Workflow Editor

If the required tools are installed, all you have to do is start your offline Workflow Editor.

  1. cd into a directory where you have your bitrise.yml.
  2. Run bitrise :workflow-editor command to start your offline session.

Here is the overall look and feel:

Installing and upgrading the offline Workflow Editor

Upgrading Workflow Editor version

You can upgrade to the latest version of the Workflow Editor by running bitrise plugin update workflow-editor command.