Scheduling your builds

Scheduling your builds

You can schedule your builds to run automatically at a specific time of the week so that you can check your logs when it’s most convenient for you.

Follow the steps to see how you can set it up for your next build!

  1. Log into

  2. Go to your Dashboard and click on the project whose build you want to schedule.

  3. Click on Start/Schedule a Build.

  4. In the Build configuration pop-up window, toggle the switch to the right to enable Schedule this build feature.


  5. Set the hour and minute in the HH/MM field.

  6. On the timeline, click on the day(s) when you want your build to run.


  7. Check and fill out the rest of the input fields if necessary. You can schedule your build in the advanced version of the Build configuration window too.

  8. Click Schedule Build at the bottom of the pop-up window.

Now you’re back on your Builds board and you can see your scheduled build.

If you click on Show scheduled, you can edit/delete your schedules, disable build scheduling by toggling the switch to the left, or immediately trigger the build by clicking on the Trigger now button.


That’s it! Now you can enjoy the comfort of your automated build!