Downloading a keystore file

If the file path (where your keystore file is located) that’s defined in your build.gradle file but the keystore file itself is missing from the path’s location, you can use one of our file downloading Steps to download the keystore file from Bitrise and put it in the defined location.

Bitrise has two Steps which download files from the Code Signing tab. Which one to use in your workflow depends on where you uploaded your keystore file in the Code Signing tab:

  1. Add either the File Downloader or the Generic File Storage Step to your workflow. The Step should be added BEFORE the Gradle Runner Step.
  2. If you use the File Downloader Step, fill out the following 2 input fields:
    • Download source url: Set the generated keystore URL you get when you upload your file to the ANDROID KEYSTORE FILE section of the Code Signing tab).
    • Download destination path: Set the location of the keystore file as a relative path. This path should be the same as the keystore path already defined in your build.gradle file (for example, $HOME/keystores/project_release.keystore).
  3. Add the Gradle Runner Step right after your file downloading Step.

With that said, if you have successfully added the Steps to download your keystore file to the same location that you specified in your build.gradle file, you do not need the Android Sign Step in your workflow. Our Gradle Runner Step will sign and assemble your project.