Steps and Workflows

Steps and Workflows overview

Steps and Workflows are the heart of how Bitrise works. A Bitrise build is simply a series of Steps, defined in a Workflow, executed by the Bitrise CLI on our virtual machines (or your own).

A Step contains the code that performs the build task. You can configure the inputs and parameters that define the task, and view and reuse the outputs a Step generates.

When a build of an app is running, the Steps will be executed in the order that is defined in the Workflow.

You can easily move Steps around in a Workflow, you can chain different Workflows together, and you can configure your app so that different branches or code events trigger builds with different Workflows.

Video tutorials for Steps and Workflows

Here’s a couple of introductory videos for how Steps and Workflows work on Bitrise: one for Android, one for iOS. For the other platforms, check out our official channel.

Configuring Steps and Workflows for Android apps

Configuring Steps and Workflows for iOS apps