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を追加する アプリ Bitrise へのアクセスとは、ビルドを実行できるようにリポジトリへのアクセスを設定することを意味します。プロセス中に、私たちはまた、 プロジェクトスキャナー アプリのプラットフォーム タイプ (iOS など) を検出し、デフォルトを生成します。 ワークフロー 必要なすべてを備えた 手順 アプリをビルドしてデプロイします。



Each app is owned by a Workspace and most apps, with the exception of public apps, require some form of authentication to be able to access the repository.

To add a new app to Bitrise:

  1. On the Bitrise CI page, click the Add new app button.

    You can also open the dropdown menu next to the button to add a new app from the CLI.

  2. Select the Workspace that will own the app.

  3. Set the app to private or public. This settings can't be changed later.

    • Private apps are only accessible to the Workspace members. They need to authenticate themselves to view the app's details.

    • Public apps expose their configuration file and build logs to everyone who has the link.

  4. Connect a repository. You can:

  5. Configure authorization to allow Bitrise to access the repository. There are multiple ways to do so, depending on the type of your app:

    • Public apps don't require authorization.

    • Private apps that are accessed via the GitHub App integration don't need additional authorization.

    • Private apps with SSH URLs, accessed via OAuth applications, require configuring an SSH key. Bitrise can do this automatically or you can create and register your own SSH key pair.

    • Private apps with HTTPS URLs, accessed via OAuth applications, require HTTPS authorization with a personal access token. We recommend using a token with only read access.

  6. Set the default branch of the app and decide if you want our project scanner to scan the code on the branch.

    • If your repository is connected, you can select an available branch from a dropdown menu.

    • If you entered a repository URL manually, you need to type a valid branch name.

    リポジトリの URL

    あなたはできるでしょう プロジェクトのリポジトリ URL を変更する 後で。アカウントを Git プロバイダー サービスにいつでも接続または切断することもできます。

  7. Configure the app settings. You can either modify and confirm the automatically generated settings, or create a configuration manually.

    The configuration sets a stack, machine type, and a project root directory, among other things. The exact parameters to configure depends on the project type.

  8. 必要に応じて、画像をアップロードしてアプリアイコンを追加します。

  9. するには Webhook が必要です ビルドを自動的にトリガーする.アプリの Webhook はいつでも設定できるので、今はスキップしてかまいません。

    Apps with the GitHub App integration don't need a webhook.

  10. Once you are done, click View App Page to go to the newly added app's home page. From there, you can start editing your Workflows and run builds.