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Docker containers on Bitrise

Beta feature

This feature is in beta and we do not recommend using it with production applications. Register here for the beta.

Customers using the Bitrise-managed Linux machines can take advantage of advanced capabilities with Docker containers:

  • We deliver our Linux build environment with all Android-related tools and technologies preinstalled so native and cross-platform Android Workflows can be run efficiently. With the new Services feature, Android mobile apps can be end-to-end tested by running the emulator and the required back-end Service on the same machine.

  • Our customers can start up Bitrise-managed builds using their own Docker image stored in their private repository to ensure all third-party and in-house custom tools are present at runtime. Using the same local and CI Docker image for development becomes easy, reducing complexity and the chance of issues due to different environments.

  • With the Container feature, customers can use any Docker image stored in a public or private repository, powering all web development CI/CD builds.

Using containers in Bitrise Workflows

Building your own Docker image on Bitrise

Container API reference