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Release presets

Release presets are default values and configurations for new releases of a connected app.

Presets will be applied automatically when you add a new release and select the Start with a blank release method. After the presets are applied, you can still edit these values during the release process.

You can configure presets for:

Configuring release presets

To configure release presets:

  1. Log in to Bitrise, and from the left sidebar, select Releases.

  2. From the Connected apps list, select your app.

  3. On the left, select Presets.

  4. Select and configure the available preset options:

    • In the Configuration section, configure preset options for the initial release configuration.

    • In the Release candidate section, create a build configuration for the release candidate stage.

Release preset options

The preset options for the initial release configuration:

  • Auto-upload: Enable or disable it with the toggle switch. This is a preset for the Auto-upload configuration of releases.

  • Approvals: Create default approval tasks for new releases. This is a preset for the Approvals configuration of releases.

  • Notifications: Enable Slack and Teams notifications for all new releases with the same settings. This is a preset for the Notifications configuration of releases.

  • Automation: Configure default automation events with their triggered Workflow or Pipeline. This is a preset for the Automation configuration of releases.

Preset options for the release candidate stage:

  • Build configuration: You can select the release branch for the app and the Workflow that generates the build with a signed IPA or AAB file.