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アプリのテストは、明らかに継続的インテグレーションプロセスの主要な部分です。 Bitriseには、テストの実行に役立つ専用のステップがいくつかあります。ステップライブラリに必要なものが見つからない場合は、カスタムスクリプトステップを使用できます。

iOS、Android、クロスプラットフォームアプリのテスト手順を確認してください。XcodeテストからFlutterテスト、Android Lintまで、使用するフレームワークやツールに関係なく、Bitriseでアプリを確認してテストできます。

iOS testing

  • Run UI and unit tests with Xcode using our Xcode Test for iOS Step. With this Step, you don't need code signing and you can easily export your test results to the Test Reports add-on.

  • Build an iOS app for testing with the Xcode Build for testing for iOS Step. The Step uses the build-for-testing action of xcodebuild to build your test targets and exports the resulting bundle. You can use this bundle, for example, to perform device testing with Firebase.

  • Build an iOS app for a simulator with the Xcode Build for Simulator Step. The Step builds an .app file that you can install on an iOS simulator. This requires no code signing, and as such it is a simple way to provide a testable app for your testers.

You can easily run multiple tests in parallel with Pipelines: iOSプラットフォームで現在サポートされているユースケース.

Android testing

  • Run unit tests for Android apps with our Android Unit Test Step. You can configure the Step to run tests on certain modules and variants, and you can pass additional arguments to the Gradle task running the tests. The Step can also export the test results to the Test Reports add-on.

  • Run instrumented tests using the Android Build for UI Testing and the Android Instrumented Test Steps. The Steps generate and export an APK and a test APK and then run your instrumented tests using adb.

You can easily run multiple tests in parallel with Pipelines: Androidプラットフォームで現在サポートされているユースケース.

Flutter testing

  • Run unit and UI tests for Flutter apps with the Flutter Test Step. The Step simply runs the flutter test command on your app: you can configure it to run only specific tests or to run all tests it can find. You can also export the results to the Test Reports add-on.

  • Perform static code analysis with the Dart analyzer: our Flutter Analyze Step runs the flutter analyze command with the required fail severity and the additional parameters you wish to append to it.

React Native testing

Device testing with Firebase

Bitrise offers a convenient device testing solution with Firebase Test Labs. You don't need your own Firebase account, nor do you need any complex configuration: you just need to build your iOS and Android apps for testing and then run the dedicated device testing Steps that runs your tests and can export them to the Test Reports add-on.

The solution also works for multiplatform apps, such as Flutter and React Native apps.

Test Reports

The Test Reports add-on offers a convenient way to view and analyze all your test results. You can break down the results by test cases, or by the state of the test results. You can view screenshots and other test artifacts within the add-on.