Build statuses

On the Builds page, you can track the current status of all your builds. There are six different build statuses:

  • Waiting for worker: When a build is triggered, Bitrise creates a virtual machine to run it. If computing resources aren’t immediately available, the build is placed in a queue and the Waiting for worker status is displayed.

  • Initializing: The worker assigned to create the virtual machine is processing the build request.

  • Running: Once a virtual machine is ready to go, the build starts running. This means that Bitrise is executing all the Steps defined in your Workflow.

  • Aborted: A build can be aborted manually by the user, or automatically either by the Rolling builds feature or because your build time has run out.

  • Failed: In most cases, a build fails if any of the Steps fails. There are exceptions, such as the caching Steps, and you can mark Steps as skippable which means even if they fail, the build will keep running.

  • Success: If Bitrise successfully executes all Steps that aren’t marked as skippable, the build is marked as successful.

You can always check your build status on the Builds page of the app, and you can send status reports: Reporting the build status to your Git hosting provider