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Build machines


Bitrise offers Intel-based (x86) and Apple silicon M1 stacks. Each stack has a large number of pre-installed tools.

On, we have Intel-based (x86) and Apple silicon-based macOS and Linux virtual machines hosted for your builds. You can select from multiple stacks, each with its own list of preinstalled tool versions. Check out our System Reports repository to read more about available stacks.

The user account that is used for the builds is configured to have passwordless sudo enabled. This way you are able to install all the extra things you need for your builds and for other automation. If a tool is not preinstalled on your Stack of choice, you can install it yourself - see the guide.

Every build runs in its own virtual machine and the virtual machine is rolled back to a saved state, the “base box” state, after the build is finished. This way your builds are always protected by changes made by others and by your previous builds and you can use a stable environment to define your build workflow, since no state persists between builds.

For more information about build and code security, see Code security.