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Build machines


Bitrise offers Intel-based (x86) and Apple silicon M1 stacks. Each stack has a large number of pre-installed tools.

On, we offer two types of build machines:

  • Apple silicon-based macOS build machines (M1 machines). We recommend using these machines for all Xcode stacks, as they offer significantly improved performance over the Intel stacks.

  • Intel-based (x86) macOS and Linux build machines.

Each machine type offers several options with varying computing power, depending on your subscription plan. You can configure a default machine type for each of your app and you can also set Workflow-specific machine types.

Each Bitrise build machine has its own IP address range: you can allowlist these IP addresses to be able to access our build machines from, for example, a private cloud: Configuring network access for Bitrise

For more information about build and code security, see Code security.