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Configuring Slack integration


You can integrate Slack to your app on Bitrise by adding the "Send a Slack message" Step to your app's Workflow.

Bitrise supports Slack integration, of course - and it’s quite easy to set it up. Send Slack messages to individual users, groups or channels; customize the messages, include attachments, and link buttons that will take the users to the build page.

To use our dedicated Step, you need either a Slack webhook URL or a Slack API token for a Slack bot user.

Make sure that the Step runs in every build!

If you use the Send a Slack message Step in your Workflow, make sure that it is always set to run even if the previous Step failed! This is the default setting of the Step. If you change it, messages won’t be sent if the build fails.

  1. Add the Send a Slack message Step to your Workflow.

  2. Find either the Slack Webhook URL or the Slack API token input. Click on the input and then click Select secret variable.

    Configuring notifications
  3. Create a new Secret Environment Variable that stores your webhook URL or your Slack API token.

    You can choose any key you want.

  4. Customize your Slack message with the relevant inputs of the Step.

    There are several options, including but not limited to:

    • Setting the target channel, group or username: this can be a name or an encoded ID.

    • The text of the message to send.

    • The bot’s username for the message

    • The message’s color

    • File attachment

    • Link buttons attached to the message

    Check out all the inputs in the Workflow Editor to see all the ways in which you can customize your Slack messages.