Copying Workflows from one app to another

If you have a lot of apps, you might not want to spend time with setting up Workflows for each and every one of them separately, especially if there’s little difference between the Workflows you want to run for them. If so, the easiest thing to do is to simply copy an existing Workflow.

YAML mode only

Copying a Workflow to another app is only possible in YAML mode. You can create a new Workflow based on an existing one but only for the same app.

You can copy a Workflow from any bitrise.yml file, including your local files. To copy an existing Workflow from one Bitrise app to another on our website:

  1. Open your app on Bitrise.

  2. Go to the Workflow tab.

  3. Go to the bitrise.yml tab.

  4. Select the Workflow you want and copy it.

    Copying Workflows from one app to another
  5. Open the app you want to copy it to.

  6. Go to the Workflow tab and then the bitrise.yml tab.

  7. Paste the Workflow under the workflows property.