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Configuring build settings


The heart of your build is the bitrise.yml file. You can configure the Steps you use, the project type, the trigger map, and specify the app- and Workflow-level Env Vars.

You can configure and customize your builds extensively. Bitrise provides a multitude of options to make sure you can build your app exactly the way you want to.

The heart of your build configuration is the bitrise.yml file: this file contains the configuration of all the Workflows and Steps you use, it specifies the project type, the trigger map, and it contains the app- and Workflow-level Environment Variables you specified. You can store this file on or in your Git repository and you can access the bitrise.yml file of any previous build you ran.

You can configure notifications so that users are immediately notified when a build is finished.

If you don't want to run a build every time a commit is pushed or a pull request is opened, but rather only if certain files are changed, you can do that using the Selective builds feature.

If commits are frequently pushed to your repository, with each commit triggering a new build, you don't have to wait until each triggered build finishes before a new one can start. Use the Rolling builds feature to make sure you don't waste time!