Checking build details

You can find additional details about a specific build by accessing the build's Details & Add-ons tab.

To do so:

  1. Log in to Bitrise and find your app on the Dashboard, and select it.

  2. Go to the Builds tab.

  3. Select the build you want to check out.

  4. Select the Details & Add-ons tab.


Accessing this tab, you can find the following information about your build:

  • Triggered at: The exact time the build was triggered, and the trigger's source (e.g., webhook or a person)

  • Started at: The exact time the build started. This is usually a few seconds after the trigger.

  • Finished at: The exact time the build was finished.

  • Pull request description: If the build was initiated by a pull request, you will see the details here, otherwise this field is hidden.

  • Parameters: Information about the cloned git branch, such as commit message, branch name, commit hash, etc.

  • Tags: Your subscription plan, whether the build was scheduled, and the stack and machine type can all be found here.


In this tab next to the build details, you can see and access all available Add-ons. Accessing your Add-ons from here is the same as if you would open them from your app's Add-ons tab.