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Google Play upload stage

After selecting a release candidate and creating tasks for approvals, the release process of an Android app reaches the stage where it must access Google Play:

  1. Google Play upload: Upload the release candidate to Google Play.

  2. Distribute for testing: You can distribute the release candidate to Google Play testing tracks.

Uploading the release candidate to Google Play

Once you selected a release candidate in Bitrise Release Management, you can continue with uploading your app to Google Play.

Upload all successful builds automatically

If you select the option to upload all successful builds automatically in the release candidate stage, this stage will be completed automatically.

If you select the option to upload the selected build manually in the release candidate stage, you can continue with uploading the selected release candidate to Google Play:

  1. Open your release.

  2. Select Google Play upload on the left navigation bar.

  3. Click the Upload to Google Play button.

  4. Wait for the upload to finish.

Distributing Android release candidates for testing

After uploading a release candidate to Google Play, you can distribute it to Google Play testing tracks:

  1. Open your release and go to the Testing in Google Play section.

  2. Choose a testing track.

    Release Management supports open, internal, and closed testing. For more information about Google Play testing, check out the Google Play Console documentation.


    Newer builds

    If there is a newer build (a build with a higher version_code number) on the testing track, you can’t replace that build with your release candidate and the Start button will not be available.

    If there is an older build on the testing track, your release candidate will replace it.

  3. Click the Start button next to the name of your track to start the distribution.

    If all goes well, the Status of the build should change to Testing.