Managing iOS code signing files - manual provisioning

Manage your code signing files on Collect your provisioning profiles and .p12 certificates with our codesigndoc tool, and then upload them to Bitrise manually or by using the tool.

If you collected all the necessary files with the codesigndoc tool, proceed to uploading them and setting up your Workflow. You can upload the files manually or you can do this with the codesigndoc tool, too!

Xcode managed signing

We support the Automatically manage signing option, introduced in Xcode 8, with your app. In this case, create an .ipa of the desired type on your local machine to let Xcode generate the required profiles and then codesigndoc can collect these. If your app changes and Xcode re-generates the profiles, you will need to re-upload these profiles to Bitrise as well.

To set up manual provisioning, you always need to upload at least a Developer certificate and a Development type provisioning profile! That is necessary for our Xcode Steps to be able to test and build your apps properly.

  1. Open your app on Bitrise.

  2. Go to the Workflow tab.

  3. Go to the Code Signing tab.

  4. Make sure that the provisioning profiles and the .p12 files are uploaded.

    If not, add them in the Add Provisioning Profile(s) and the Add the private key (.p12) for signing fields, respectively.

    Uploading certificates and Provisioning Profiles

    For a MacOS app, the provisioning profile file extension is .provisionprofile; for an iOS app, the file extension is .mobileprovision.

  5. Make sure you have the Certificate and profile installer Step in your app’s Workflow. You can check it on the Workflow tab of the Workflow Editor.

    Please note that these Steps must be BEFORE the Steps that archive and export your app (for example, Xcode Archive & Export for iOS) in your Workflow.

    Certificate and profile installer step in your workflow

If codesigndoc does not pick up one or more distribution .p12 files and/or provisioning profile(s), you can export those manually (the .p12 file from the Keychain Access app, provisioning profiles from Apple Developer Portal), just like you would when you transfer these files between Macs.

But even if codesigndoc does not find all the files, you should upload all the files collected by codesigndoc**! The base files collected by codesigndoc are essential for your app’s code signing: without those it’s not possible to create a signed .ipa of the app!