Testing your app is obviously a major part of the continuous integration process. Bitrise has a number of dedicated Steps to help you with running your tests, and you can use custom Script Steps if you do not find what you need in our Step Library.

Check out our testing Steps for iOS, Android, and cross-platform apps: from Xcode tests through Flutter tests to Android Lint, you can review and test your app on Bitrise, regardless of the frameworks and tools you use.

Test Reports

Use our Test Reports page to view your tests in one convenient location. You can use it with the supported Steps or with your own custom Script Steps.

Device testing

You can register your test devices on Bitrise for simple and convenient testing. Alternatively, you can use the Device testing for iOS and Virtual Device Testing Steps that utilize Google Firebase to run your tests on real and virtual devices.

Other testing guides

Check out our other testing guides for more information on how to run tests on Bitrise.

  • Running Xcode tests

  • Android unit test

  • Running tests in the Visual Studio App Center

  • Running Detox tests on Bitrise