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Selecting a release candidate

In the release candidate stage you can specify a release branch, and select a Workflow that can generate an .ipa or an .xcarchive file for iOS apps, or an .aab file for Android apps.

Once you select a branch and a Workflow, you can lock in the active build of that Workflow that will be used as the release candidate. By default, this is the latest build but you can lock in a different build instead.

To select a release candidate:

  1. Open your release.

  2. Select Release candidate on the left navigation bar.

  3. Under the Configuration section, click the Change button.

    This will open up the Configure release candidate window.

  4. Select a Release branch and a Workflow using their respective dropdown menus.

  5. Click Done. You will see the successful builds of the selected Workflow in the Active build section.

  6. If you don't want to use the latest build as your release candidate, select a build from the Available builds list and toggle its switch in the Lock as RC column.


    If you don't lock in a build, the latest build will be used as the release candidate.

When you have selected a release candidate, you can proceed to: