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Adding a Slack webhook


You can set up a Slack app with Slash Commands that allow you to trigger Bitrise builds in Slack.

Slash commands for Slack apps allow you to send a payload to a service by typing a command in Slack. You can use Slash Commands to trigger Bitrise builds by creating a Slash Command. The Request URL of the Slash Command must be the Bitrise webhook URL.

  1. Open your app on Bitrise with a user that has the Admin role on the app.

  2. On the main page of the app, click on the App Settings icon: settings.svg.

  3. Go to your app’s page on Bitrise.

  4. On the left, select Integrations.

  5. Click Set up webhooks manually.

  6. Choose Slack from the dropdown menu.

  7. Copy the webhook URL.

  8. Open your Slack app.

    If you don't have one, create a Slack app.

  9. On the app management dashboard, select Slash Commands from the navigation menu.

  10. Click Create New Command.

  11. Paste the webhook URL in the Request URL field.

  12. Fill out the rest of the fields to finish configuring the Slash Command and click Save.

That's it - you have successfully registered a webhook to your Slack app. You can now trigger builds using a Slash Command.