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Adding a new release

You can add a new release from the Releases page of your app:

  1. Access your app's Releases page.

  2. Click on the Add new release button.


    This opens the Add new release for iOS page.

  3. Select a setup method under the Setup method field.

    • Select Start with a blank release if you want your new release to not inherit any configuration from a previous releases.

    • Select Copy from a selected release, and select one of your other releases from a dropdown menu if you want your new release to inherit the selected app, checklists, automations and settings from that release.

  4. If you selected Start with a blank release, select an app you would like to add to your release under the App Store connect field.

    Connection to an Apple service with API key is required

    If you cannot see your API key under the App Store connect field, make sure that you have connected to an Apple service using an API key. For more information, check out our guide.

  5. In the Release information field, specify a release version below the Release Version input and optionally add a description of the release under the Description input.

    Release description is internal only

    The release description is internal only, and it will not be included in the App Store review submission (metadata).You can modify the description of your release anytime in the Release Configuration window after creating the release.

  6. Click Add release.

That's it! Your new release is ready, and you will be taken to the release configuration page.