Uploading files for your builds

If your build requires any files to make it work, upload them to the Generic File Storage. The Generic File Storage accepts any file type, all you need to do is provide a unique ID and upload the file.

Once a file is uploaded, it is stored as an Environment Variable (Env Var). You can use this Env Var to access the file and use it in your builds. The file can also be:

Generic File Storage restrictions

The Generic File Storage has certain restrictions on upload size and number of files:

  • You can't upload a file bigger than 5 MB.

  • You can only store a total of 5 different files at the same time. If you want to upload more, you need to delete one of the files in the storage.

To upload a file:

  1. Open your app on Bitrise.

  2. Go to the Workflow tab.

  3. Go to the Code Signing tab.

    Managing files on Bitrise
  4. Go to the Generic File Storage tab.

  5. In the File Storage ID input field, enter a unique ID.

    The unique ID will be part of the generated download URL that Bitrise stores as an Environment Variable.

  6. Upload the file. You have two options:

    • Click anywhere in the Upload file section and select the file from your computer.

    • Drag and drop a file into the Upload file section.

    Remember that the file size cannot exceed 5 MB.

Protecting your uploaded files

Once you uploaded a file to GENERIC FILE STORAGE, you can set your uploaded files to Protected mode. This means that no one can download or reveal the file from your account but your builds can still use them. Bitrise will handle the Environment Variable attached to your uploaded files as a Secret.

  1. Open your app on Bitrise.

  2. Go to the Workflow tab.

  3. Go to the Code signing tab and then the Generic File Storage tab.

  4. Click the horizontal ellipsis button and select Make protected.

    Using the Generic File Storage
  5. Click Make it protected in the pop-up window.