Skipping Steps

You can skip certain Steps in your Bitrise build. There is no point in running, for example, a unit test Step if the previous Step failed to build your app.

Of course, there are examples when it’s better to run a Step even if the previous Step failed. For example, if the Cache:Pull Step fails, there is no reason not to run the next Step - in fact, if the next Step is one that installs dependencies then it’s a very bad idea to skip that Step if pulling the cache is unsuccessful.

Run if previous step failed

To set a given Step to be skipped if the previous Step failed:

  1. Open your app on Bitrise.

  2. Go to the Workflow tab.

  3. Select a Workflow from the WORKFLOW dropdown menu.

    Installing any additional tools
  4. Select the Step you want to skip.

  5. On the right, use the toggle to disable the Run if previous Step failed option.