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Deploying to TestFairy with Bitrise


TestFairy is a deployment service that gives you plenty of insights about your app. You can deploy to TestFairy with Bitrise by using a dedicated Step.

If you are looking for a deployment service that also gives you lots of insights about your application, then TestFairy is a great service to check out.

When testing apps in the crowd, you never know what exactly was tested and what exactly went wrong on the client side. TestFairy solves this problem by providing a video of everything that happened on the mobile device, including detailed internal metrics such as CPU, memory, GPS, network, logs, crash reports, and a lot more. To get these insights on iOS you need to integrate their iOS SDK into your app.

To deploy your app on the TestFairy platform you just simply need to add the TestFairy Step to your app’s Workflow (on

The only required parameter you have to add is your API Key on TestFairy. To get it you should navigate to your account preferences on TestFairy and find the key under your API Key menu.

Email notifications and Auto update

You can also enable or disable the email notifications and set the tester groups you would like to notify. There’s an option to make your users always upgrade to the latest build by enabling Auto update in the Step, and you can also start recording video and set the length of it.

There’s nothing else you need to do, simply work on your awesome app and we ensure your app is automatically deployed to TestFairy every time you update your code.