The Bitrise API allows you to build deep, custom integrations with your preferred tools and processes to create even more efficient development pipelines.

The API provides you with control of - and access to - the features and data available through the Bitrise website and CLI. By using the API, you gain the ability to fully customize Bitrise’s functionality to fit your process.

The API is work-in-progress

The API is work-in-progress: we will add new endpoints and possibly update the existing ones in the future.

You can track the progress of the API: join the discussion! Follow it and get notified about new endpoints and changes, we announce those there.

Feel free to contribute! If you want to request a new API feature or a new endpoint, you can do so!

The Bitrise API’s host is: https://api.bitrise.io/

Every endpoint except the root one is versioned. The version has to be included in the URL right after the host: for example, https://api.bitrise.io/v0.1/me is the endpoint for your own user account.

Right now we have only one version, v0.1.

There’s no long term compatibility promise for v0.1, although we try to do our best to not to break anything unless we have to. Once we’re happy with v0.1 we’ll “freeze” it as v1.0, for which we’ll provide long term support.