Changing the owner of an app

Workspaces own apps. When you add an app to Bitrise, you select the Workspace that will act as the owner of the app. From that point, only the owners of the Workspace can change the ownership of the app.

It can happen that you need to transfer an application on Bitrise to another Workspace. This can be done in two ways:

  • Several apps can be transferred at the same time from the Workspace profile.

  • Any given app can be transferred from the app’s Team tab.

Transferring multiple apps at the same time

Owners only

You must be an owner of the Workspace to transfer its apps to another Workspace.

Apps with outside contributors

When transferring apps with outside contributors to a Workspace that doesn't allow outside contributors, the existing contributors are automatically removed from the app's team.

  1. Log in to Bitrise and open the account selector dropdown menu in the top right.

  2. Find your Workspace and click the little gear icon next to its name to get to your Workspace's profile page.

  3. On the left, select Apps from the menu options.

  4. Click the Transfer apps button.

    Managing the apps of Workspaces
  5. Find the apps you wish to transfer and toggle the switch on the right. Once you’re done, click Done.

Transferring an app from the Team tab

  1. Log in with an account that is an owner in the Workspace that owns the app.

  2. Open the app’s page and go to the Team tab.

  3. Click the Transfer ownership button on the right.

    Adding a new team member to an app
  4. For transferring the ownership, select the new user to transfer the app to:

    Changing the owner of an app