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Initializing a Bitrise project locally


You can use the bitrise init plugin to initialize a new Bitrise app on your own computer, without adding it to Bitrise online.

When you add a new app to Bitrise, we detect the type of your project and generate a basic bitrise.yml file for you, with Workflows that are appropriate for your project type.

With the Bitrise CLI, you can make this work on your own computer:

  1. Install the Bitrise CLI on your computer.

  2. Make sure that $GOPATH/bin is added to $PATH on your computer.

    By default, your Go workspace is at $HOME/go/bin.

    Installing Go

    If you don't have Go installed on your computer, bitrise init will automatically install it for you.

  3. Start the bitrise init plugin:

    bitrise init
  4. Wait while the plugin runs all available scanners to determine your project type.

  5. Depending on the detected project type, the scanner asks for some input. Follow the instructions.

    For example, with an iOS project, it asks the user to specify an export method:

    Select: ipa export method
    Please select from the list:
    [1] : app-store
    [2] : ad-hoc
    [3] : enterprise
    [4] : development
    (type in the option's number, then hit Enter) :

Based on the scanner outputs, the plugin generates a Bitrise configuration, with a bitrise.yml file. In the automatically generated Workflows, every required input will have a valid value.

The plugin also generates a bitrise.secrets.yml file. You can store your Secrets in this file.