Deploying your app to Appaloosa

Would you like to beta test and deploy your app to 1 or thousands of users? Appaloosa helps you distribute your mobile apps privately, collect feedback and analyse your deployment’s efficiency. Check it out!

Appaloosa is a simple and secure enterprise App Store. They help mobile & digital teams build, test and deploy their apps privately.

You can manage your apps on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, all in the same place. Appaloosa also provides a native app store to increase your users’ engagement. They will receive a push notification on each update of the app and be able to test and use the latest version of your mobile apps.

Appaloosa also gives you great insight on the efficiency of your deployment with download and usage stats as well as feedbacks and ratings from the users.

They are entreprise ready with LDAP, OAuth, SAML and Active Directory integrations as well as a RESTful API. Get in touch for more details. Plus your mobile apps can be targeted to groups of users or distributed to all collaborators.

To deploy your app on Appaloosa, simply add the Appaloosa step to your application’s workflow. If you don’t already have an account on Appaloosa, it will be created on the go.

  • As a registered user you simply need your store id and API Key.

  • As an unregistered user, an email address is enough.

  • Optionally you can provide a description, screenshot urls (up to 5) and, if registered, group ids.

With Bitrise and Appaloosa, you can focus on your mobile app development and we take care of the rest!