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Testing iOS apps

  • Run UI and unit tests with Xcode using our Xcode Test for iOS Step. With this Step, you don't need code signing and you can easily export your test results to the Test Reports add-on.

  • Build an iOS app for testing with the Xcode Build for testing for iOS Step. The Step uses the build-for-testing action of xcodebuild to build your test targets and exports the resulting bundle. You can use this bundle, for example, to perform device testing with Firebase.

  • Build an iOS app for a simulator with the Xcode Build for Simulator Step. The Step builds an .app file that you can install on an iOS simulator. This requires no code signing, and as such it is a simple way to provide a testable app for your testers.

You can easily run multiple tests in parallel with Pipelines: Currently supported use cases for the iOS platform.