Android code signing with Android Studio

You can specify the code signing configuration for your project in Android Studio. You will need a keystore file, a key alias and a key password - have these ready before you start the procedure!

  1. Go to Project navigator.

  2. Select your project and open Module Settings.

  3. From Modules, select your module.

  4. On the Signing tab, fill out the signing information. In our example, we used the following values:

    • Name: release

    • Key alias: MyAndroidKey

    • Key password: ***

    • Store file: /path/to/my/keystore.jks

    • Store password: ***

Once you filled out the signing information, the signingConfigs block will be created in your module’s build.gradle file. On Bitrise, you just need to build the app, either with the Android Build or the Gradle Runner Step.