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Release Management API

Bitrise offers a REST API for Release Management. The base URL for the API is

The API offers the same features that are available on the GUI. You can:

  • Connect apps.

  • Configure presets.

  • Manage releases in all stages, including the release candidate stage and the approval stage.

  • Distribute your apps.


Authentication works the same way as the Bitrise API: you need a Personal Access Token or a Workspace token to authenticate your API calls.

Certain endpoints are only available to users with the release manager permission or the Admin role. Typically, these endpoints are used to access end-user-facing functions, such as submitting the app for App Store review and releasing the app to the App Store or Google Play.

Trying to access the endpoints tied to these roles will return a 403 Permission denied response.


You can find detailed documentation of the API endpoints: API docs. You can test all endpoints on the site.

In addition to the technical details, you can also check whether an endpoint is available on a given Bitrise payment plan.

Localization codes for the App Store API

For certain calls to the App Store API, you might need localization codes: for example, when creating a What to test description for an iOS release, you might need that description in several different languages. You can find the supported localization codes in Apple's documentation.

Legacy API

The Bitrise API contains an endpoint to create a new release in Release Management: Adding a new release using the Bitrise API. This is a legacy endpoint: we strongly recommend using the dedicated Release Management API instead.