Deploying with Ship

Beta version

Please note that this feature is still a BETA version.

Ship is a deployment solution that aims to save users a lot of headache. With Ship, you have complete control over your app’s distribution, its version history, and all the important metadata - and you can manage all that in one place.

Deployment with Ship includes automatic re-sign and artifact generation and we store all the previous versions too. The app’s metadata, all the marketing copy, and screenshots can also be edited on the spot and non-developer people can manage it.

Ship language

As of right now, Ship only supports English locale. No other language submissions are supported.

You can do a whole lot of things with Ship:

  • View all the build versions of your app.

  • View and edit all the details of a given build version, including a description, screenshots, and the most important parameters, such as the app size or the supported device types.

  • Send your app directly to testers with a link to the public install page.

  • Deploy a given build version to App Store Connect and/or the Google Play Console, once you set up publishing.

  • Switch between platforms on the Version History page in the case of cross-platform projects.